Fall Updates

We're (quickly) heading into the winter season. Art Basel Miami Beach is around the corner, a break from the gallery and academia will soon come in January, and 2016 will be here tomorrow!

My job(s): all of them, have some exciting things coming their way.

JanKossen Contemporary will be exhibiting at both SCOPE and Context art fairs in Miami during Art Basel Week. For multiple reasons, I'm really looking forward to this year. I met Jasmin Kossenjans (owner, director of JanKossen) in 2014 and was contracted out to work for her during last years fair. Around this time last year, we were likely having our first Skype chat. While I was content in Atlanta, Georgia working at the Savannah College of Art and Design, my husband and I had already decided we wanted to move to either Chicago or New York. After a series of events, Jasmin hired me to open the New York location, and I moved up to New York a month later. 

I've always been attracted to the work of Troy Simmons. When I first googled the gallery- his work stood out to me as strong, beautiful and minimal. I've gotten to know Troy and his lovely wife Constance over the past year and it's been an honor to see the direction his work is going. We recently acquired a new artist, Dieter Kranzlein. I have yet to see his work in person, but anyone can see that his small colored marble sculptures require discipline and excellent craftsmanship. It's going to be a great show!

Onto the next job: Parsons.

In 2016, Parsons School of Design is going to open a "making center", this will be an incredible opportunity for students throughout the newschool to create anything. Really- your imagination is the limit.  I've begun training in the digital labs and I've had the opportunity to use new equipment (Resin 3D printers, Full color 3D printers, etc) that will be readily available to all students, faculty and staff next year. On Monday, I 3D printed a Hot Pink Rhino. 

This week is also New York Print Week.
Parsons is holding juried pop-up print show this Friday from 6-8. Three of my prints were selected for the exhibition! 2 are gum bichromate prints, and one is a cyanotype. They are all from my recent artist residency in Maine. While the images don't fall into my usual line of work, I'm honored to have been chosen and I hope the show goes great!

Information on the opening is HERE.

Last but not least, Odd jobs and ME! 
Promotional modeling has been good, steady work a couple times a month. I haven't posed for anything commercial or walked any fashion shows lately, but disclaimer! I'm 28, and live in New York. I knew the modeling days would come to an end. 

My work is going well. I recently made some sales (!) and in December (during Art Basel Week) a "101 contemporary artists" catalog will be released that I'll be included in. The publication will be through Art Voices magazine - so be sure to pick up your copy! I also curated a pop-up show through my church, Our Saviour New York. We had a 6-artist show and a lot of great feedback. Included in the show was myself, Christopher Paul Dean, Jaye Whitehead, Dieter Balzer, Lia Porto and Zeren Badar.

Last but not least! My husband recently celebrated his birthday! I commissioned Christopher Paul Dean to make custom Garnet and Gold pieces for us. You can't really go wrong with great art and Florida State colors, eh? Go Noles!

 Garnet and Gold pieces by Christopher Paul Dean

Garnet and Gold pieces by Christopher Paul Dean