Today marks my ½ year anniversary with New York City. I’ve already transitioned through a variety of additional jobs (hair-modeling, retail, promotional modeling) but this being the land of opportunity and all, I began a part-time position with Parsons (New School of Design) in May, which works perfectly with my part-time schedule at the gallery.  

One of the most exciting opportunities I’ve had so far was co-curating a show at JanKossen Contemporary, titled “FRESH!” which served both as a young collector & emerging artist exhibition. The show is up until August 15th, 2015. We had hundreds of applicants, and intended to only choose 6-8, but ended up editing it down to 15.

I posted about the show everywhere I could. I e-mailed former professors, posted on call-for-entry sites, and even physically posted flyers around local colleges. We had so many good applicants, and it was very challenging to choose who we wanted in the show. My intern and I loved going through and discussing them all. When you hold a large event like this, you learn a lot about other artists, the condition of the contemporary art world, and yourself.

 (L to R) Adrienne Gaither, Zeren Badar, Federico Winer, Christopher Paul Dean Photo By: Roman Dean |

(L to R) Adrienne Gaither, Zeren Badar, Federico Winer, Christopher Paul Dean
Photo By: Roman Dean |

We could talk for hours about each selected artists' outstanding work, concept and technique, but there was some art that immediately captivated us. Anastasia Samoylova is an artist based in Chicago whose work blew us away. She was an immediate "YES!" for everyone at the gallery- Samoylova explores the way photography illustrates “the beautiful” and “the nature” in contemporary visual culture. The artist re-cycles open source images and advertisements into new imaginary; re-creating the concept of the landscape into a “still life”. I found her work refreshing and very, very well done.

 "Glaciers" by Anastasia Samoylova

"Glaciers" by Anastasia Samoylova

Many artists' came up to New York for the opening. We had great drinks sponsored by Purity Vodka and Sixpoint Brewery. We went to a trailer park themed restaurant after the show- it was overall a great and fun experience. We're excited to announce that the FRESH! exhibition will become an annual juried show, and each year we're going to introduce a theme. 

Enjoy photos below from the event, and be sure to stop by the show before it closes in a couple weeks!

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