Hello, from Maine!

Maine has been fantastic. It's a refreshing break from big cities.

I've lived in large cities since college. Orlando, Atlanta, New York City: These are the kinds of places where taxi's honking wake you, people yelling down the street can be heard from multiple stories up and neighbors blast music until 3:00am. 

These cities are also the places where my work thrives.
(from my artist statement) " I do not intend to exploit the subjects or places that I photograph; rather my work comes from a very natural understanding of this environment* based on several years of modeling and working in a major department store. I attempt to attach multiple emotions of empathy, humor, and sometimes sympathy — to the moments I capture."   

When we strip down this environment,  we're left with the bare minimum. Another photographer and I stepped out to photograph around the city of Harrington the other day. My natural instinct was to see the cosmetic departments. The items read to me like artifacts. They were neatly packaged, hanging on a pegboard, colorful... and dated.

My initial proposal was to create 19th century processed-photographs/prints referencing Instagram and SnapChat, but this prove to be a bit unsuccessful. Cyanotypes and Gum Bichromate processes already have a retro-feel, so I have that continuing to work for me. I took a picture of a bulletin board earlier this week. It's in stark contrast to what you would see in larger cities. Instead of dog-walkers, models/actors and "housing needed!" ads, we have what's below.

 Bulletin Board in a grocery store, Harrington, Maine

Bulletin Board in a grocery store, Harrington, Maine

In excess, I can see this becoming a series. Turning a lot of nothingness, into some seemingly important data. I'd have to photograph more to really see how that goes. The SnapChat-style "Harrington." may be  bit much.

Lastly, how is what I came here to do!?
The cyanotypes are going well. I mastered the curve in photoshop needed to create a good tonal range in the prints. The Gum Bichromate prints are going... okay. There's a lot of variables with those (re-aligning the digital negatives, chasing the sun, etc) but there's an image- so that's good news! I've never attempted Gum-printing. Having an understanding of that is a personal success for me. 

(Below) Images from the studio. (L) Cyanotypes (R) Gum Prints Drying, in contract frame, developing.

In addition to all of the above, I'm having a great time. The hosts here, Greg and Shelley Stevens - are lovely people. I, and the other artists are having a wonderful time. We're on gorgeous property, have fully-equipped personal cottages, amazing meals (from scratch!) and lively company. I've had the opportunity to see animals I've never seen: (captivity doesn't count) whales, seals, porcupines, puffins(!), otters-- haven't seen a moose... yet. :)