2016 Update

Hello, and Happy New Year!

It's just the start of 2016 but it's already been an eventful year. Shortly after my last blog post, my work was featured in Humble Arts Foundation. In January, I was asked by the wonderful Terrence Sanders (of Art Voices Magazine) to serve on the Advisory Committee for Platform Art Fair.  

I met Terrence back in 2009 in Miami Beach. I followed Art Voices magazine, and Terrence's personal artwork - for a few years and kept in touch. I was honored to join the committee. It's been a rewarding challenge searching for emerging artists I'd like to see exhibit. Platform Art Fair and Film Festival will launch in 2017 and coincide with Armory Week. The location will be the Greenpoint Neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Statement (From Website):
Platform Art Fair (PAF) is a vehicle for emerging and mid-career artists to engage in the important conversations of our times with their contemporaries, adventurous collectors and art enthusiasts alike. In the current art fair paradigm too many artists are often left out of the conversation or their work is promoted solely as valuable and expendable commodities. We lose the brilliance of their ideas and the wisdom of their work. We become caught up in trends and an art world that celebrates image and branding over vision and individuality. With the large numbers of talented national and international artists working today, and so few available opportunities for them, a tone of limited access has been set by the auction houses, major galleries, private dealers, a handful of influential curators, critics, and A list artists who represent a fraction of our national treasure of creative artists. PAF is a new art fair that will offer under-represented artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting. It is a place of discovery for the beginning or established, socially conscious yet adventurous collector. Artists and arts professionals who participate in PAF will conduct creative dialogues and have a voice in numerous and authentic issues that impact both the broader art community and the public-at-large. 

Platform Film Festival (PFF) will screen films with substance and narrative that enrich everyone’s lives who view them on a multitude of levels providing another platform for discourse. A vibrant program rooted in cultural diversity, innovation, independence and creativity, these are our principles and goals.


One of my new years resolutions was to take a step back from some negative things and re-focus on some positive things I've wanted to do. As many of you know, I've worked as a 3D Specialist / Technician / at two different private art colleges. I love this job and the people I've met - but I often feel like technicians don't get the recognition they deserve.

I decided to hold an open call for entry where only artists working as technicians or administrative assistants working in higher education could apply. We were initially nervous about the specific requirements - but in the end, the jurors (Christy O'Shoney, Jess Ranostaj and I) were blown away with the quality of work we were receiving! I was honored at some of the kind e-mails I received from applicants across the nation glad that someone out there - recognized their hard work.

I curated my first show with online-based Treat Gallery. 25% of all sales will benefit charity. On Thursday, March 24th at 6:30pm, #NAILEDIT will open at Our Saviour New York in Midtown Manhattan (417 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019) 

(L ro R) Eric Cagley, Jeremy Jones, Kira Kikla, Michael A. Collins

During the opening reception, drinks will be provided by Purity Vodka and Sixpoint Brewery. The show is sponsored in part by Art Gallery Software ArtCloud. The CEO is ArtCloud, Alex West will be selecting a #NAILEDIT Best-in-show. After the opening, the exhibition will be open by appointment only.

Last but not least: Another one of my resolutions was to begin making work on a somewhat regular basis. I've begun carrying my camera with me to promotions and simply seeing where it goes. A loose statement on this project (as it just began in January 2016) - is that I'm surprised liquor promotion gigs can sometimes pay more than accountants, attorneys, and professors. I understand I'll eventually age out of promotional modeling (once I turned 26, I aged out of most commercial and runway gigs) and there will always be someone younger and prettier anxiously waiting to take my place. Until then, would you like to sample this liquor?