Life through Spectacles

At full speed, I'm running toward my friend Megan, who is ready to launch a kite into the air. I feel a gust of wind, and I hold my digital camera up to my face to try and capture a moment.. only to realize my camera settings needed adjustment. I take a quick photo anyway, and before I know it... the kite is airborne. The photo isn't good, but the moment isn't lost because my spectacles (sort of...) captured it. 

We're in Austin, Texas and I'm a couple days away from turning 30. I'm wearing my new spectacles, which are essentially sunglasses by Snap Inc (formally Snapchat) that can take videos with the click of a button. I'll admit: I got them out of convenience, and because a friend of mine really wanted a pair but.... I'm enjoying them much, much more than I could have ever imagined. 

They're fun for work too. Here's a video I took at our opening last week.

My closest friends and former roommates will tell you I'm obnoxiously particular about my things. My Nikon D7000 looks as new as the day I opened it in 2011, and my designer heels often travel in bags before reaching whatever event they're going to that evening. Notes I took in college courses are neatly organized in a binder I can open and track by year and class subject.

My Spectacles are different. I don't feel the need to be careful with them. They're meant to be worn for the adventures of daily life. I'm not worried about getting them dirty. They come in a protective hard case (that charges the glasses when they're not in use), and I can take them places my phone and Nikon can't go. 

They're easy to use and manage. Once you take a video, it automatically syncs to your Snapchat app. From there, you can either upload it to your story or download it to your phone to e-mail, share or upload wherever you want. You can take videos up to 30 seconds.

There's sex appeal to the spectacles. Unlike Google Glass or GoPro products, these are functional sunglasses you could wear everyday, although they aren't waterproof. They're straight up fun. I've even made a stylized Instagram account for exclusive uploads of videos I've taken while wearing the spectacles.

I capture mundane moments too. My husband and I met for lunch last week and I took a video walking back toward work. You have an option to download the videos in HD...

They currently retail for $129.99. As of this blog post, they're also only *regularly available in New York City, and you're limited to two pairs (though people are being lame and re-selling them for much more on eBay and Amazon). *Once in awhile, a peculiar looking "Snap Bot" pops up somewhere. Most recently, one popped up in a Dave and Busters in Chicago.

I highly recommend them. They're affordable, and really neat if you're into tech stuff, even if you aren't super into Snapchat. I'll leave you with this New Years Eve video where I obnoxiously blow a kazoo in my husbands face. 

Just kidding. I'll leave you with this guy who can't ice skate too well and crashes into a "Trump" sign. You're welcome. :)

Happy New Year!